Intuitive Energy Reading

An intuitive reading is done through connecting to the energy of the recipient and interpreting their energy through the use of our 6th sense (aka clairabilities). This may include information about an individual's past, present, and future to provide clarity in moving forward. Keeping in mind that all information comes from the Spirit world and that the reader is relaying information coming from the highest good and the purest intentions. The recipient is always in complete control of their life path and has the ability of free will.

Evidential Mediumship

Evidential mediumship is the practice of communicating between worlds. The medium will connect with the spirit world to bring a message from a loved one forward. The job of the medium is to relay information about the spirit such as: who they were, details about the life they lived, or memories about their relationship with the recipient. The job of the medium is to provide evidence of the spirit's presence and then to relay their message. Messages are often in reference to life situations, relationship repairs, and healing so the recipient can move forward knowing they have a team of loved ones watching over them from the other side.

Spiritual Mentorship

This is for you if you are:

  • Ready to step into your full potential
  • Feeling that there is more to life than what you currently have access to
  • Wanting to start a spirit-led business
  • Not wanting to start a business, but looking for personal development
  • Looking to grow your psychic and mediumistic gifts
  • Ready to connect to your spirit guides and build strong relationships with them
  • Interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner and want more guidance outside of simply taking the trainings

Psychic Development Mentorship Package:

  • 4-Weekly private 60-minute calls (Value: $1,332)
  • Intuition + Psychic Gift Development (Value: $1,332)
  • Find Your Niche + Build Your Spirit-Led Business (Value: $555)
  • Complementary Sitting in the Power + Goal Setting Meditation (Value: $77)

Total Value: $3296
Your Investment: $1,111