Align with your soul’s mission and stand unwaveringly in your power as a Reiki Master.

The Pillars of your Reiki Mentorship

Confidence + Mentorship

Build confidence in yourself as a Reiki practitioner + increase your connection with the spiritual world. Feel empowered knowing you’re working with an experienced mentor who is helping you to develop your spiritual gifts, build your connection to the Reiki energy, and increase confidence in your self as you navigate this journey.

Psychic + Intuitive Skills

Developing your psychic + intuitive skills is an integral part of your journey. Taking the time to refine these skills through education, practice, and mentorship are what will help you to better understand yourself as well as expand your natural abilities so you can become the most authentic version of yourself.

Trauma-Informed Reiki Certification

Trauma-Informed Reiki provides context on how to make your client feel safe, ways to set up your space for a session, as well as using specific language that empower your clients to feel safe and supported so they can heal themselves from the experiences of their past. All levels of Reiki are taught from a trauma-informed lens.


This is for you if you are:

  • Ready to step into your full potential
  • Feeling that there is more to life than what you currently have access to
  • Wanting to start a spirit-led business
  • Not wanting to start a business, but looking for personal development
  • Looking to grow your psychic and mediumistic gifts
  • Ready to connect to your spirit guides and build strong relationships with them
  • Interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner and want more guidance outside of simply taking the trainings

Ready to step into your true power?

Choose your path:

Reiki Training

  • Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1, 2, & Master Certifications
  • How to be a trauma-informed energy worker
  • 4 Sacred Reiki Symbols
  • Starting your Reiki business
  • Private attunement calls

Each level of Reiki and its attunement are priced individually. Click the link below to start your training!


  • 4-Weekly private 60-minute calls
  • Intuition, Clairabilities + Psychic Gift Development
  • Find Your Niche + Build Your Spirit-Led Business
  • Complementary Sitting in the Power + Goal Setting Meditation

Total Value: $3,296
Your Investment: $1,111
*Payment plans available*

Reiki + Mentorship

  • Includes all of the benefits from Reiki Training + Mentorship
  • 9-Month coaching growth container
  • Learn Reiki + start your business with confidence
  • 33% discount on all non-Reiki courses

Total Value: $8,257
Your Investment: $3,333
*Payment plans available*

How past students have stepped into their power


"I knew right away that I wanted to work with Devin. I became Reiki certified and I felt so lost and confused after becoming certified. I didn’t know where to go with my business and how to tie in my Reiki and coaching practice. After two weeks of working with Devin, I began to see major shifts. I got my first paid in full reiki client and my first coaching client. I knew the quantum healing, and other work I was doing to gain clarity helped me achieve my first business goal. Devin’s ability to hold space, tap in, and genuinely listen to my issues allowed me to move forward. I highly recommend working with Devin." - Natali S.

"I attended Devin's Reiki Level 1 course, Reiki Level 2 course and Reiki Master course. Devin created a safe, informative and ego-free environment. She made sure to answer all my questions. I love how much passion and respect Devin has for teaching and practicing reiki She definitely practices what she preaches. I'm so happy I got certified and attuned by Devin!" - Daniela V.


"There are times in life when we wish to seek confirmation, insight, illumination, or even a peek at the diving. In speaking with Devin, the divine continues to share exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. Her insight, intuition and ability to understand things spoken and unspoken is profound.She has helped me understand more about myself and those I love than I could ever imagine. And she does this in the most genuine and palpable way. For those times when you want to hear a whisper from the beyond and perhaps feel an encouragement beyond words, I strongly suggest you contact Devin. It is a privilege to let her connect you to the things perhaps a bit out of your reach but definitely within hers. I am eternally grateful that God has given her these gifts and that she continues to share them so graciously." - Libby R.


"Devin is so in tune with Spirit and her clients needs. She has such a calming, soothing vibration about her while also being so powerful and strong. She has cleared away residue that was resistant to healing and releasing. She has supported me and made me feel heard and seen in session and out. I highly recommend her and would recommend multiple sessions, each one is so unique. Thank you so much for the love and gifts you share, and the light you send." Megan L.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have level Reiki training?

  • You may sign up for the mentorship at any level of outside training.
  • If you have prior Reiki training (i.e. Level 1 or 2) and would like to continue your education (i.e. Level 2 or master) with Spiritually Balanced, you will need to book a discovery call and take a test showing your proficiency of knowledge.

What is Trauma-Informed Reiki?

  • Trauma-Informed Reiki takes the evidence-based practices of being trauma-informed and adds them to your Reiki session. Being trauma-informed teaches you how to facilitate and set up a session in a way that is empowering as well as helps your client build trust and feel safe. You will learn how to hold space when difficult subjects surface, when your client becomes triggered, the importance of referrals, and how to support your client as they heal from trauma.

Is this a private or group container?

  • All trainings are taken in a self-paced virtual course. All attunements and mentorship sessions are held over a private zoom call.

Why is mentorship important?

Don't wait another day to step into your true power and become a Reiki master!