Empowered Healing Retreat


About the Retreat

Join Kelli Foulkrod and Devin Grindrod for a one-day mini retreat designed to invoke emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Take time out of your busy life to retreat into nature with a circle of women focused on healing. Yoga, meditation, Reiki, womb care, ceremony, healing arts rituals, trauma resiliency, eco psychology, and group therapy are combined to offer a truly holistic form of medicine for the feminine soul. This day retreat is designed for women to heal on all levels: body, mind, spirit, and soul while connecting with a sacred circle.


TBD - We are in the process of scheduling an Empowered Healing retreat for sometime during the Spring of 2020. Please feel free to contact Kelli or Devin with any questions.

Space is limited, so please contact Kelli Foulkrod at organicmentalhealthcenter@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

**If you identify as trans or are a person of color, please contact us at organicmentalhealthcenter@gmail.com to learn about our reparations discount.

Meet the Facilitators


Kelli Foulkrod

Kelli Foulkrod, MS, LPA, LPC, RYT is a holistic psychotherapist, trauma informed yoga teacher, and healing arts practitioner in Austin, Texas.  Kelli has worked in the mental health field and practiced yoga for 16 years.  For the past ten years, she has worked as a therapist in private practice, taught therapeutic yoga, and offered workshops and groups.

Kelli specializes in healing perinatal mental health, trauma and PTSD, and alternatives to pharmaceuticals by combining yoga therapy, energy balancing, and western psychology.  She was a founding board member of the nonprofit organization, Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas and has worked with thousands of pregnant and postpartum women during her career. Kelli also studies traditional folk healing and has apprenticed for the past seven years.  She incorporates rituals, ceremonies, and energy healing into her work to help women shift and transform on the healing path.

Kelli relies on her intuition to attune to the body, mind, spirit, and soul of the individual in the treatment process in order to empower each person to become their own healer.  She believes that the American Mental Health System is in need of a paradigm shift and is passionate about offering alternative ways towards healing the mind.


Devin Grindrod

Devin Grindrod, RYT is a strong advocate for empowerment and whole person healing. Having began her journey of self-restoration as a means to overcome trauma, she understands the importance of the mind, body, and spirit connection that holistic services provide. She continues to return to these practices as a way to heal herself from the inside out.

This prompted her to start her business, Spiritually Balanced. Devin utilizes this platform as a means to share her knowledge with others so they may be empowered to begin healing themselves through the rediscovery of individual strength and self-worth. The goal of Spiritually Balanced is to create a safe space where each person feels empowered to regain control over their lives while working to become the most authentic version of themselves.

Devin received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. She attained a graduate certification in Restorative Practices from the International Institute for Restorative Practices. Devin is a Trauma-Informed Yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance. She earned her 200-hour certification through Core Power Yoga and her Trauma-Informed Training was led by Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga. Devin has also completed additional trainings and is an Usui Reiki Master as well as a vaginal steam facilitator, developing medium, and an intuitive energy reader.

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