Empowered Fertility


Empowered Fertility is a 13-week course designed to prepare your body for pregnancy, your mind for parenthood, and your spirit to conceive a baby. When healing happens to the three layers of the self you experience whole-body wellness.

Pregnancy isn't just about having a healthy body to carry a baby. While that is important, the fertility journey is also about creating wellness on all levels so you can be fully present, self-advocate, and be in tune with yourself and you and your baby grow and birth yourself into motherhood.

In this course, you will be immersed in a sisterhood of support, have access to several amazing guest speakers, and receive individualized feedback to help you on your fertility journey.

This course is available to women who are thinking about starting a family and who are actively trying to conceive.

Month 1:

  • Learn about the menstrual cycle and what imbalances can contribute to fertility struggles
  • Begin tapping into your intuition
  • Explore which clair-ability is most natural to you (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance)
  • Build relationships and get to know the other badass women in the group

Month 2:

  • Guest speakers will teach about diet, nutrition, and seed cycling
  • Discover tips for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine that can help you on your wellness journey
  • Deepen your relationship with your intuition
  • Gain awareness in overcoming grief and uncomfortable emotions

Month 3:

  • Learn physical movement techniques like dancing and yoga to stay healthy and get energy moving in your body
  • Receive knowledge on the spiritual element of birth
  • The importance of doulas and birth advocacy
  • Conscious conception to call in your spirit baby

+ 1 Week:

  • Maintaining boundaries during your conception journey, pregnancy, birthing, and motherhood
  • Closing Ceremony

Course Price: $2,222
*contact devin@spirituallybalanced.com for information on payment plans*

4 Menstrual Care Analyses: $555
4 Distance Reiki Sessions: $555
4 Intuitive Energy Readings: $555

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