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Life is more than being a cog in a machine. It is about finding that spark within you and igniting the flame. Have you ever felt like you were part of something so much larger, but couldn't quite put your finger on it? Does it seem as though your magic is just out of reach?

This is your calling. It is your divine rite to tap into your essence and explore its boundaries. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and your purpose is to discover your inner knowing and bring it to life.

My Story:

Hi, my name is Devin Grindrod and I am an energy worker, teacher, and evidential psychic medium. I help folks who are on a soul searching mission to develop a strong relationship with their intuition, find the magic within, and waken their wild.

I am a strong advocate for empowerment, whole person healing, and can best be described by the statement "where science meets spirituality." As a student of life, my background includes a B.A. in Psychology from San Diego State University and a Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and a Vaginal Steam Practitioner.

But life wasn't always this magical. In 2012, I found myself on the precipice of an existential crisis. I was working at a bar, drinking more than is healthy, smoking pot everyday, and laden with health issues. In the back of my mind, there was this quiet voice whispering to me that I was not living in alignment with my soul's purpose. Not knowing where to go or what to do, I ignored it. Later I would learn that this was my intuition attempting to guide me towards the people and places who would serve as my teachers.

It took my intuition shouting at me in the form of massive health issues and closed doors for me to answer its calling. When I began to listen, I changed my diet, lifestyle, and career trajectory, finally answering the call of Spirit. Each time I followed the advice of my intuition, it brought me to people and places that made my heart scream "Fuck yes!" Synchronicities started popping up everywhere and life became more balanced.

Today, I rarely make a decision without first checking with my spirit guides and listening for the resounding yes that accompanies the natural flow of energy. What I've learned on my journey is that letting go is the easiest way to maintain control and that intuition is a divine compass given to each of us so we may navigate and course correct our lives.

This course is for people who...:

  • Feel a calling towards their inner magic.
  • Are looking for help in knowing how and when to listen to their intuition.
  • Sense they have a relationship with the spirit world, but are looking for help developing their techniques.
  • Want to pursue a spiritual business or create a personal spiritual practice.
  • Are looking to fine tune their intuition skills.
  • Can hear the calling of Spirit and know they have a greater life purpose.

Waken Your Wild is an 8-week immersive intuition development course that will provide you tools and wisdom to grow your intuitive practices. Whether you want to become a practitioner or develop a deeper relationship with your higher self, this course will help you to tap into your inner wisdom.

What you will learn:

  • Ways to expand your faith in the unseen world and deepen your
    relationship with your higher self.
  • Tools on connecting with your spirit guides.
  • Different modalities such as: crystal healing, types of energy work, oracle cards, pendulums, trauma-informed practices, mediumship, etc. that will enhance your understanding of your natural gifts.
  • Spiritual Hygiene; how to cleanse and protect yourself and your
  • Moon rituals and living within nature's cycles.
  • Discernment between intuition and messages from the ego (aka the mind).
  • Overcoming fears and self-imposed limitations by listening to the divine guidance of your intuition.
  • To see the bigger picture, feel the true intentions of a person, and see your truest potential.
  • How to seek guidance beyond what the physical world can provide.

Waken Your Wild is not a certification course. Intuition development is a life-long journey where miracles and abilities continue to arise, but here you will learn the tools to start you out.

I hope you will join me and help to build this beautiful community of soul searchers as we embark on the journey of changing the world, one consciousness expansion at a time.

Course Dates: TBD

Workshops will be held every Tuesday from 12-1p, PST/1-2pm MST/2-3pm CST/3-4pm EST

Spirit Circles will be held every Thursday from 12-1:30p, PST/1-2:30pm MST/2-3:30pm CST/3-4:30pm EST

This course includes:

  • A complementary Spiritual Assessment: A look into your life's purpose and projected events over the next 12 months.
  • Initiation and closing ceremonies to begin and end our course in a sacred space.
  • 7 metaphysical workshops (i.e. crystal healing, mediumship, spiritual hygiene, energy work, chakras, etc.) designed to broaden your knowledge and teach you how to incorporate different healing modalities into your practice.
  • 7 spirit circle sessions, which include Q&A time, guided meditations, and interactive, intuition building exercises.
  • Complementary pre-recorded meditations.
  • Like-minded people who will help to grow your spiritual community.
  • The confidence to fully trust in yourself and your divine guidance.

Price: $3333

2 60-min Reiki Sessions: $333
2 60-min Intuitive Guidance Sessions: $333
2 45-min Crystal Healing/Oracle Card readings: $333
*Disclaimer: Add-ons are only available to course attendees. All other sessions are priced as marked on my website.*

Are you ready to step into your power and Waken Your Wild?

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being here, for trusting your wisdom, and for saying "YES!" to yourself. You are magic and the spark within is waiting for your permission to ignite.

With Gratitude,

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