Won’t steaming mess up the pH of the vagina?

There are my ways in which the pH balance of the body can be altered such as: unhealthy mucus, bad bacteria, and stagnant blood (slow circulation), as well as some forms of birth control and allopathic medicines like antibiotics.

In many cases, clients report that steaming is a sustainable healing modality for their chronic infections. This is because the warmth from the steam helps in two ways. The first is by brings circulation to the pelvic region of the body, allowing for the movement of blood and qi to be dispersed throughout the body. Secondly, the steam helps to dislodge unhealthy cervical mucus and removes it from the body. The herbs in the steaming blends are designed to disinfect and remove the bad bacteria responsible for the infections.

When the body is circulating its blood properly, has removed all of the unhealthy cervical mucus, and is disinfected, it is then better able to maintain a healthy pH balance.

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