Why do I need to steam if the vagina and uterus are a self-cleaning organs?

Yes, it is true that the vagina and uterus are self-cleansing organs, but in a survey of over 2,800 women 95% of them showed signs of stagnation in their cycle. Which indicates that they are not receiving a full uterine cleanse on their own each month. Vaginal steaming helps to clear out old residue that is stuck in the uterus and makes sure that it is getting a proper cleanse in subsequent months.

Signs of stagnation include: cramps, fibroids, endometriosis, clots, brown or black blood during the period, or spotting before or after the period. Steaming helps to cleanse the uterus through both its warmth and its herbal blend. The warmth of steam is known for its cleaning powers both in facials and cleaning fabrics. It helps to loosen residue so that it may get clean. Steam also brings warmth and circulation to the pelvic region, which helps the uterus to complete it’s cleaning process naturally. The herbal blends provide an additional layer of healing to the practice by soaking into the porous tissues of the pelvic area and circulating around the body.

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