Can I steam if I am using birth control such as: Nuvaring, IUD, Essure, Nexplanon, or the pill?

The short answer is, yes. Although depending on which form of birth control you are using, some precautions have to be made. Steaming while you are taking any form of birth control will help to ensure that your body is working as optimally as possible as well as decrease the side effects typically experienced when you come off of the birth control.

Nuvaring: It is safe to steam if you use the Nuvaring as your main form of birth control although it is recommended to take the ring out prior to steaming as this form birth control releases hormones based on heat. Removing the Nuvaring prior to steaming and leaving it out for 20 minutes post steam session will ensure that you are still using the safest practices and getting the best protection from this form of birth control.

IUD: It is safe to steam with the IUD. If you have chosen this method of birth control, it is recommended that you practice a mild 10-minute steam session. This is because steaming for longer than this time can cause the cervix to open and the IUD to fall out.

Pill: Steaming is not contraindicated on the pill. In fact, it can help your body to cleanse itself properly each month as there are several case studies showing that taking the pill can lead to an increased likelihood of stagnation.

Essure: It is NOT recommended to steam if you use this form of birth control. Vaginal steaming has been reported to dissolve scar tissue, which would dislodge this structure from your fallopian tube. If you choose to steam while using this form of birth control, please implement a backup birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies. **This device has been taken off of the market. If you currently utilize this form of birth control, please consult with your doctor.**

Nexplanon: Vaginal steaming may compromise the efficacy of this birth control. It is not recommended to steam unless you utilize a back up form of birth control.

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